Magni-Clips extend your crafting time by giving tired eyes a lift.

Needle Work

Our glasses are an excellent companion for those engaged in the art of embroidering, offering enhanced vision and precise stitching capabilities. Enable embroiderers to examine their work in intricate detail. The magnification allows for a closer look at the fabric, threads, and stitches, ensuring accurate placement and alignment. With magnified glasses, the tiny stitches and delicate designs can be executed with utmost precision, resulting in a flawless embroidery project. By reducing eye strain and providing a clear view of the intricate patterns, these glasses enhance both the quality of the stitching and the overall embroidery experience.



Enabling jewelry enthusiasts to work with maximum accuracy. The magnification allows for a closer inspection of tiny components, ensuring precise manipulation of wires and connections. These glasses eliminate the strain on the eyes caused by constant squinting, providing comfort during extended soldering sessions. Whether for professional use or as a hobbyist, magnified glasses are an indispensable tool for anyone engaged in soldering projects.


Micro Welding

Magnified glasses are a valuable asset for welders, as they offer enhanced vision and precision during the welding process. By magnifying the work area, these glasses allow welders to clearly see the details and intricacies of the metal they are working with. This increased visibility helps in accurately positioning the torch or electrode, ensuring precise and consistent welds. The magnification also allows welders to closely examine the weld bead and detect any imperfections or inconsistencies in real-time. This helps improve the quality and integrity of the weld, leading to stronger and safer connections.